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    The collectible bimetallic coin of Austral Islands, also called Tupua’I islands by the name of the one of its geographic archipelagoes forming the territories. The capital of the whole Austral Islands is located on the island with the same name to archipelago – Tupua’i. The island territory belongs to the French Polynesia, so their official currency is CFP franc (French colonies of the Pacific). The special coin for sale has the 500 poe rava denomination due to it’s not a legal tender coin, only collectible one. The name of the archipelago in French is indicated on the side of the coin next to its denomination and the year of issue. The central image of the coin is one of the big shark which is common for the nearest waters of the Australs. The opposite side of the coin shows the portrait of the XVIII century Captain George Vancouver who explored the Pacific territories and islands, among the other. The name of the famous British officer is minted below his effigy.


    A new coin, a capsule.

    Item Specifics

    Item type Coin / Collector coins
    Internal Reference SC2
    Nominal sum 500 Poe Rava
    Nominal, number 500
    Weight, g 18.00
    Diameter, mm 40.0
    Capsule Yes
    CoA No
    Case No
    Country Exotic and Historic / French Polynesia
    Certification Uncertified
    Bimetal No
    Coin material Base metal / Bimetal, nonprecious metals