Palau, 5 dollars 2009, Louis Braille 200th Birthday, Antique-Finish Silver

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    The silver collectible 5-dollar coin of Palau was launched in 2009 to commemorate the bicentenary of Braille’s birthday. Louis Braille is an inventor of a reading system for the blind people, which is usually called by the same name. The Braille system made the education much more available for the blind, the system is widely used nowadays all across the world. Being blind by himself, Louis Braille designed the specific alphabet for blind at the age of fifteen. He then kept on improving his system and spread it even on musical notation. The coin bears the portrait of Louis Braille on its reverse and the phrase in French meaning “One sees clearly only with the heart”. The name of the inventor is struck along the upper rim of the coin in dotted Braille-imitating manner. The years of Braille’s life are indicated beside it too. The obverse of the coin contains the emblem of Palau and the denomination.


    A new coin, a capsule, a CoA, a case.

    Item Specifics

    Item type Coin / Collector coins
    Internal Reference PW14
    Nominal sum 5 dollars
    Nominal, number 5
    Nominal currency USD
    Weight, g 25.00
    Diameter, mm 38.61
    Quality of coinage Antique-Finish
    Mintage 2,500
    Capsule Yes
    CoA Yes
    Case Yes
    Country Australia and Oceania / Niue
    Certification Uncertified
    Year 2009
    Bimetal No
    Coin material Silver / Ag 925