Greece, Canada, Portugal, Picture Framed set of 28 coins, Sail Boats, Anchor

The beautiful thematic coin set placed into the frame is composed of different legal tender coins of various countries. The set will be perfect gift not only for coin collectors, but for common people as well because it can serve as decoration of the interior. The frame contains 28 circulated pieces minted in different alloys, so they have various colors to make the set picturesque. All coins are placed on the black background in order to combine the pattern, which also includes little metal anchor; the whole composition is covered with glass. The framed set holds the maritime theme through the naval images on the coins; they are not only different beautiful vessels, but also lighthouse, fishes and a trident, which is the symbol of classical mythology ruler of the sea Neptune. There are coins of naval states such as Canada, Greece, Portugal, Malta, Italy, South Africa and others. All pieces were minted in 1990-2000’s.

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