Cambodia 3000 riels Russian Spaniel Year of the Dog Lunar silver coin 2006

The silver collectible piece of Cambodia was launched in 2006 to celebrate the Year of the Dog by the Lunar Calendar. The subject of the coin is, relatively, the Dog. The beautiful colored picture of Russian Shaniel is printed in the center of the reverse side of the collectible, while the name of the breed is placed by one side of the image and the silver pureness and weight are indicated by the other side. The inscription explaining the subject of the coin is struck above the image in English and Chinese. The obverse of the piece bears the effigy of Cambodian King Jayavarman VII and the dates of his living. The denomination of the piece is 3000 riels and is placed below the King’s image. The piece was minted in total quantity of only 3000 pieces, so the coin is quite rare. The coin will please the dog lovers as well as the people born in the Year of the Dog.

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