Israel 1 shekel wolf lamb tree animals Biblical art silver coin 2007

The .925 silver coin of Israel issued in 2007 illustrates the famous verse from the Book of Isaiah stating “The wolf shall dwell with the lamb” (11:6). The verse tells about the new peaceful world where all the true believers will live in harmony after the end of the days. The resurrected ones will live in a new fruitful land without war, illnesses or death. This eschatology belief is much the same in Jewish philosophy and Christian theology. The popular biblical plot is depicting in the reverse side of the coin in a nice curly manner. Both the wolf and the lamb are lying under the fig tree with the grape vine on it. There is a biblical symbol of peace placed above them; it’s a dove holding the olive branch. The obverse contains the words of Isaiah 11:6 in English and Hebrew collided together in the shape of a round. There a small dove with branch among the letters too. The Israel’s state emblem is struck at the top of the obverse and the face value of the coin (2 New Sheqalim) is placed at the bottom. The name of the country and the 2007 year are minted along the rim in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

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