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Israel 2 shekels Independence Day 60 th Anniversary dove silver coin 2008

The commemorative 2 NIS silver coin was minted by Israel in 2008 in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Jewish state establishing. The mintage amount of the 925 rate silver coin is only 1800 pieces;, each comes in a box with a certificate of authenticity. The obverse of the coin is vertically divided into two unequal parts, one of them is light and the other is dark. The anniversary date “60” is placed in the centre while its numbers are on the opposite sides from the dividing line. Zero has the form of pomegranate fruit, against it there is a dove meaning Peace. The bottom of the obverse is the olive branch. The words “Israel’s 60th Anniversary” come along the rim in different languages. The reverse of the silver shekel shows a semicircle inscription meaning “Independence Day 2008” along the rim. The center of the coin bears the Coat of Arms of Israel, an olive branch and the face value. All the inscriptions on the coin are made in Hebrew and duplicated in English and Arabic.

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