Finland Suomi 20 Euro Peace & Security, Birds 2009 Silver Proof Coin

The silver 20-euro coin of Finland has the unique design with the small rectangular through window. The subject of the piece launched in 2009 is the peace and security theme, which is related to the Peace aword of Martti Ahtisaari. Then-president of Finland got the most famous in the world Noble Peace Prize in 2008 for the country’s cooperation with the other members of European Union for defence policy. The obverse of the coin contains the images of two doves with colored olive branches in their bills. Doves are widely-known symbols of peace, and the hole with the rays of light going through it supports the impression of a new beginning. There are names of Finland in English and Finnish languages and the date of issue along the lower rim of the coin. The piece’s denomination is struck on the obverse too. The reverse of the coin has the relief harsh finish with the rectangular window in it.

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