Adygea, set of 7 coins, fauna, Local Flora Fauna, Wildlife, Animals 2013

The set of seven souvenir coins of Adygea was minted in 2013. The subject of the set is wildlife of the region. The Republic of Adygea is a part of Russian Federation; it lies by the border between Europe and Asia in Northern Caucasus region. The coin set depicts the species of Adygea’s biota including local animals, birds, insects, reptiles and plants. The species are minted on the reverses of the pieces against the corresponding background; the face values of the pieces and the year of producing are indicated along the rims separated by the semicircular branch-like patterns. The obverses of the coins bear the national Coat of Arms of Adygea in the center. The name of the republic in Russian and Adyghe languages is minted along the upper rim of the coin. The pieces of the set are made of yellow and white non-precious metals.

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