Cabinda, set of 10 coins, Fauna Fish Sea Creatures Bees Fruits Animals 2008

The set of coins of the exclave Angolan province called Cabinda consists of 10 bimetallic items. All coins made of copper-nickel alloy are in extremely fine/uncirculated condition. The coins have 10 different monetary denominations; they are 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 centavos and 1, 2.5, 5, 7.5 Escudos. All the inscriptions on Cabinda money are made in Portuguese as far as the Angolan province is a former colony of Portugal. The coins have different colors and shapes, particularly the 7.5-Escudos coin is octagonal, 25-centavos coin is hexagonal and 2-centavos coin is quadrangular. Other one are round. The obverse of each coin bears a small Coat of Arms of Cabinda placed beside the central image. The four Escudo coins depict animals (a cock, a rabbit, a pig and a frog), 50-centavos coin shows bees on honeycomb, and the other centavo coins feature eatable fruits and nuts. The circular legends along the rim of the round coins explain the year of issue and the name of the issuing bank in Portuguese. The coins of angular shapes contains the year of issue divided in two numbers placed by the sides from the central image. There is also the phrase in Portuguese meaning “Food for everyone” on each coin’s obverse. The reverses of the Cabinda coins show the oceanic inhabitants such as crayfish, squid, ramp, jellyfish, shellfish and other fishes. Here are also placed the face value of the coins.

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