Cabo Dakhla, set of 8 coins, Fauna, Animals, Local Population 2006

The picturesque souvenir coin set of eight pieces minted for Cabo Dakhla depicts the landmarks of the region. The subjects of the coins include animals, persons and architecture. Cabo Dakhla is situated in West Sahara region in modern Morocco. The Spanish word “Cabo” (cape) in city’s name is used sometimes to indicate the location of the place on a narrow peninsula similar to cape. The region was under the Spanish rule in colonial times, the indigenous population of the area is of Berber origin. The local wildlife species and other landmarks are depicted on the coins along with the denomination and the name of the territory in Arabic. The name of the region and denomination in Spanish are minted on the opposite side of the pieces. The collectible pieces are made of white and yellow metal alloy, two of them are bimetallic.

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