Cabinda, 9.5 flight, Nelson Mandela, 2014

The copper-colored collectible coin of Cabinda’s bank is dedicated to the outstanding activist and politician Nelson Mandela. He is known as the first generally elected South African President and fighter against apartheid. His political and peace activities are highly valued by the international society. The coin was launched in 2014 to commemorate recently departed Mandela. The years of his life and his name are minted on the reverse along the rim of the coin. The silhouette of African continent and the burning candle in front of it are depicted on the rest of the surface. The obverse of the coin depicts the map of South Africa and the denomination of the piece. The emblem of the issuing bank and its name in Portuguese are minted next to them. The surface has the ribbed patterned border along almost the full length of the rim.

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