CAR Set of 5 coins of 4500 francs, Pope, Ioannes Paulus II 2007

The set of bimetallic coins of Central African Republic was produced in 2007 to commemorate Pope John Paul II. Each collectible piece shows image of the Pope and the inscription in French which state “Africa Remembers You, John Paul II”. Some coins bear the image of Pope’s vehicle next to his portrait. The coins commemorate the visits of John Paul II to African countries. The date of each visit and the visited country are indicated on the borders along the rims of the coins; the year of mintage and the denomination of the coins are explained there as well. The opposite sides of the coins bear the image of African map and the elephant’s head in front of it. The words next to it read “3 AFRICA”. The border has the inscription in French which refers the emission of the pieces to the Institute of Development of Central Africa.

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