Austral Islands, set of 8 coins, Local Fauna, Sea Creatures, Birds, 2015

The beautiful set of souvenir coins of Austral Islands consists of eight pieces made of various metal alloys. Thus they all have different colors, some are bimetal as well. The subject of the set is wildlife of the islands. Each coin bears the image of local specie, which is either sea creature or bird. The name of the archipelago in French is indicated next to the image, so are the year of issue and the denomination of the piece in poe rava. The coins are not legal tender money, so they have only collectible value. The opposite sides of the coins are different; the bimetal ones bear the images of important historical persons with their names explained under the portraits. Those are European explorers of what is now Austral Islands. The rest of the coins have the Coat of Arms of French Polynesia on their obverses.

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