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Betsy Ross Flag, Birth of Old Glory 1777, USA, Silver Plated Coin, Token

The gilded souvenir coin-like token shows the first known official design of the USA flag. As the story says, it was produced by the upholsterer from Philadelphia Betsy Ross in 1777 for the first time. Although the first colonial banner is usually attributed to her, the numerous researches had found out there were some other possible inventors of the first flag of the USA. It’s more likely that the look of the flag evolved from different origins, so there could not be a single author. The beautiful legend of creating the USA first starry-striped flag by Betsy Ross is greatly popular despite all facts. The flag, consisting of thirteen red and white stripes and a circumference of thirteen white five-pointed stars on a blue canton, is depicted on the token as a part of the legendary scene when Betsy shows it to George Washington. The common name of the first design is indicated above the image; the 13 stars meaning the original 13 colonies are placed along the rim. The other side bears the emblem with the bold eagle holding both banners, old and current; there are 50 stars around it corresponding to the number of the states nowadays.

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