Freemason,The All-Seeing Eye, forward, death, silver plated, token

The silver-plated token is dedicated to Freemasonry and its mystical symbols. The spiritual organization of Masons and its role in ruling the world are at the top of conspiracy theorists’ interests for hundreds of years. Masonic symbols and rituals are related to numerous cultural, religious and social phenomena of the world, including images on currency, churches, Coat of Arms, college fraternities and various fictions. The most known symbol is the Eye of Providence depicted on 1-dollar bill. The medal shows the Eye in the triangle with the inscription below it reading “Freemason”. The symbol is minted on the background of rays of light and surrounded by the border made of little Masonic “G” emblems. The big emblem consists of Squadron and compasses, the famous attributes of Freemasons. There is a Latin motto related to the organization placed along the rim of the token.

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