Masonic, Freemasonry, Square, Compasses, Masonic Lodge, Gold-Plated Coin

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    The real gold-plated round token is dedicated to mysterious Freemasonry. Freemasonry is a secret mystical doctrine of “free masons”, covered with legends and rumors. The origin of Freemasonry for certain is unknown, and its influence on the history of mankind is constantly argued. The total number of Freemasons or Masons in the world is about 4 million nowadays. The both sides of the souvenir medal feature different Masonic symbols and mottos. The most recognizable emblem placed on the both sides and consists of square and compasses with the big letter “G” inside. The interpretation of these symbols is different. The most common version says that architect’s tools allegorically express the philosophy of Freemasonry doctrine. The tools are also used in initiation ritual. According to some sources, the letter “G” is for the word “God” (or the “Great Architect”). The other point of view says “G” means Geometry as the most respectful science by Masons.


    A new token, a capsule.

    Item Specifics

    Item type Token
    Internal Reference CS515
    Nominal sum 0
    Weight, g 28.34
    Diameter, mm 40.0
    Capsule Yes
    CoA No
    Case No
    Certification Uncertified
    Bimetal No
    Coin material Base metal / Gilded