Saudi Arabia, Allah, round Gold Plated Coin, Souvenir, Token

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    The high quality gold-plated token made in the shape of commemorative coin is dedicated to Saudi Arabia and Islam. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the place where Islam arisen ages ago; now it’s not only an official religion of the country, but a way of life and even a law. The motto of Saudi Arabia is “There’s no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His Prophet”. The major shrines of the Muslim world are Mecca and Medina and they both are situated on the territory of the country. The Arab spirit of the item is clear at a glance. The token is decorated with rich ornate pattern including floral elements which are signs of traditional Islamic art. The mosque is placed on the one side of the bar and the other side shows the word “Allah” (God Almighty) in Arabic calligraphy. Being a nice souvenir and a beautiful item for collecting, the coin with “Allah” word also has spiritual sense for Muslims, because the calligraphic writing of the religious texts bears sacred meaning in Islam.


    A new token, a capsule.

    Item Specifics

    Item type Token
    Internal Reference CS45
    Nominal sum 0
    Weight, g 28.34
    Diameter, mm 40.0
    Capsule Yes
    CoA No
    Case No
    Certification Uncertified
    Bimetal No
    Coin material Base metal / Gilded