US Army, M1A1 Abrams Tank, Main Battle Tank, Military, Navy, War, Coin, Souvenir

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    The souvenir coin-like token is dedicated to the military theme; it bears the image of the recognizable American M1 Abrams tank and US Army symbols. The vehicle was constructed during the Cold War period and is used by the American military forces since 1980 till nowadays. Being one of the heaviest and largest battle tanks in the world, M1 Abrams is widely used in military operations including the wars in Persian Gulf, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and the recent conflicts in the Middle East with ISIS. The tank is depicted on the token made of the no-precious white metal alloy. The background for the vehicle is designed like the starry-striped American flag and the five-pointed star. The inscriptions along the rim of the coin read the name of the tank and the words “Main Battle Tank”. The opposite side of the token bears the emblem of the US Department of the Army and its name minted as the round frame for the image.


    A new token, a capsule.

    Item Specifics

    Item type Token
    Internal Reference CS323
    Nominal sum 0
    Weight, g 28.34
    Diameter, mm 40.0
    Capsule Yes
    CoA No
    Case No
    Certification Uncertified
    Bimetal No
    Coin material Base metal