Abraham Lincoln, USA, Commander in Chief, President, Silver Plated, Civil War

The souvenir token covered with silver is dedicated to the American Civil War and President Abraham Lincoln. The legendary head of the state is depicted on the round token’s surface next to the year of Civil War and its mention. The name of the 16th President of USA is placed along the rim of the coin while his personal signature is minted in an oval frame under his effigy. The opposite side of the token bears the image related to the Seal of American President. It depicts the bold eagle holding arrows and branch in its claws and the banner with state motto in his beak. The image is framed by the starry border and the explanation of the state office placed around it by the circumference. The title of Lincoln as Commander in Chief which he bore during the Civil War is placed along the rim of the token along with wreath border as an extension.

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