American Strength Freedom, USA, Colorized Silver Coin, Eagle, Flag, Token

The gilded medal is dedicated to the national values of USA. The piece is made of base metal alloy and decorated with colorizing. One side of the token shows the national emblem bird, the bald eagle in front of the colored star-striped flag of the USA. The words on the same side are “Strength” and the name of the bird. The other side of the medal is the full-colored view of the American Independence War with the flag depicted in the distant plan of the picture. The close relief of the flag is not colorized. The words under the image are the famous line taken from the state anthem of the USA and it’s about the flag. The main word for American nation, ”Freedom”, is minted on the same side of the medal in big letters. The token is perfect for those collecting historical or state pieces, as well as for the gift for a state holiday.

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