Feather Coin, Like Bitcoin, Gold Plated, Red Heart, Love, Token

The gilded souvenir token, dedicated to cryptocurrency, is decorated in an appropriate manner. The shape and design of the token repeat the style of commemorative coins. Both sides of the item are decorated with a delicate background pattern reminiscent of the microchip. Each side of the token contains the same relief of the feather in the center, but the backdrops are different. It’s the stylized chip pattern on one side and the red heart on the reverse. The image of feather in conjunction with a heart symbolizes clear conscience. The symbol refers to ancient Egyptian mythological belief; according to it the heart of the dead person was weighted on scales against the feather of the mythical goddess of truth to find out whether the person's moral was high. If the heart is light as feather the dead man was sent to heaven. The myth is allegoric to the idea of creating of a global virtual decentralized payment system.

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