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Colossus Of Rhodes - 300 Bc, 7 Ancient Wonders, Silver Plated Clad Bar

The collectible rectangular token plated with fine .999 silver is dedicated to the famous 7 Wonders of the World. The giant bronze statue of Sun deity was build on the Greek island of Rhodes circa 300 BC remains one of the greatest riddles of the Ancient world. It’s known that Colossus being the tallest statue of its time stood only for 54 years after constructing and then was ruined by the earthquake as well as the rest of the city. The further history of the great statue is unclear. The bar shows all 7 Ancient Wonders on the one side and the correspondent inscription above them. The other side of the bar displays the Lighthouse of Alexandria which stood on the island in the Nile delta and for some time was the tallest building of the ancient world. The lighthouse was ruined by the several earthquakes.

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