Ancient Egypt, Pharaoh head, Gold Plated bar, Cleopatra VII, The Last Pharaoh

The souvenir bar dedicated to the last Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is plated with 1 OZ of pure 999 gold. The item would be a wonderful present due to its Egyptian-style finely crafted images. The both sides of the token depict symbols and inscriptions related to Cleopatra. One side of the tile has a relief of an elegant profile of Cleopatra as it’s known from pictures and ancient history books. This iconic look is believed to be a real Cleopatra’s face; despite the fact the prototype of the sculpture is unknown. There is an inscription “THE LAST PHARAON OF ANCIENT EGYPT” above the portrait and the words below indicate the full name of Cleopatra VII in English and Greek along with her birth and death dates. The reverse side of the bar shows the Egyptian hieroglyph meaning the personal name of the last Egyptian Queen.

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