Bells, 1 Troy Ounce, 1 oz, Gold Plated bar, Clad, Commemorative

The gilded rectangular token is made of brass in the shape of a golden bar and covered with a thin layer of a precious metal to get the complete impression of the whole golden item. Although the bar isn’t precious, its appearance is perfectly shining. The subject of the piece is the significant for American history due to the depicted Bell of Liberty is believed to be the one that rang to celebrate the proclaimed independence of United States. It’s considered that the Independency Bell rang on July 4, 1776, or rather on July 8 of the same year when the Declaration of Independence was read to people in Pennsylvania. The weight of the bar (1 Tr. Ounce) is stated on the side of the token with the single image of the Bell of Liberty. The other side bears the ornament of smaller images of the same bell and the inscription “Clad” which means that the piece is plated.

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