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Germany, Deutsche Kaiser, Germany, Wilhelm II, Gold Plated bar, 1888-1918

The souvenir gilded bar is dedicated to the last German Kaiser and the Prussian King Wilhelm II. His reigning and the German monarchy in general finished in 1918 during the World War I, when the Emperor abdicated and fled to the Netherlands after military fails. The profile portrait of the Kaiser Wilhelm II is struck on the bar framed by the oak branches; his name and the titles in German are placed above him. The opposite side of the token bears the Coat of Arms of the Prussian royal House of Hohenzollern, which is the black eagle with a shield. There is the monarchial monogram of Wilhelm II minted under the emblem. The years of his rule are placed under the monogram. The bar is covered with thin coat of gold and imitates the size and weight of the standard golden 1-ounce bullion.

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