Cook Island $5 Piglet Piatachok Winnie Pooh Soiuzmultfilm Silver coin 2011

The collectible coin of the Cook Island minted in 2011 is inspired by the classic Soviet cartoon “Winnie-the-Pooh”. The coin shows the image of its character Piglet (Pyatachok in Russian). The animated trilogy was filmed by Soyuzmultfilm Studio in 1969-1972 based on the story by A.A. Milne. The Russian version of the scenario excluded the boy's character and made Winnie-the-Pooh the main figure balanced by the Piglet. The scene from the animated film is depicted on the reverse of the collectible coin. The Piglet and his balloon are colored; he stands in front of his house. The name of the character in Russian is placed above the picture. The obverse is traditional for the Commonwealth members – it has the British monarch effigy and the name of the territory on it. The coin’s denomination is indicated there as well.

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