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Cook Islands 5 Dollars Little Thermo Chick Easter Egg Silver coin 2009

The precious egg-shaped coin was launched by the Cook Islands some years ago as the special gift idea for the Easter feast. The original shape of the piece and colorization are not the only features of the silver coin. The main feature which distinguishes the “egg” coins from the other pieces is its special thermo-covering, providing the appearance of the Easter surprise. The corresponding inscription on the coin’s surface means that the non-transparent coloring disappears when the coin is warmed in hands. Then the hidden image is shown and it’s a little yellow chicken there! The Easter feast is the most important religious holiday for the Orthodox Christians; the main tradition of the celebration is to give each other colored boiled eggs. The silver special coin in the shape of an egg is something that will last very long after the holiday pleasing the holder. The coin is not only the beautiful reminder, but the good investment too.

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