Cook Islands, 2x2$, 2007, 2x 1 OZ, Kalashnikov AK-47, 60th Anniversary Silver

The collectible silver coins of the Cook Islands were minted in 2007 to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of AK-47, which is probably the most recognizable weapon in the world. The set of two 2-dollar pieces is designed in color using the images related to Kalashnikov’s riffle; moreover, the set is housed in the demonstration case made in the shape of the AK-47 magazine. The paper box is designed in the corresponding picturesque manner as well. Both pieces have the Queen’s effigy on their obverses along with the legends going around it, which explain the name of the issuing country, the year and face value of the precious coin. The reverse side of each coin of the set is different. One piece bears the colored image of the riffle’s inventor Ivan Kalashnikov with AK-47 against the background of the USSR red banner. The border going around the picture states the subject of the set. The other silver piece is monochrome except for the red five-pointed star with the Soviet emblem on it. The rest of the surface is occupied by the figure of a soldier holding the riffle and AK-47 image.

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