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Cook Islands, $5, Year of the Dragon Best of Luck1oz Silver Colored coin 2012

The commemorative silver 5-dollar coin is colorized in a bright Chinese style. The coin wishing the best of luck is dedicated to the year of the Dragon. The coin was minted from the pure silver by Cook Islands in the last Dragon's Lunar year which was 2012. It’s a good present for those born in Dragon’s year. The image of the Lunar Calendar’s Dragon is bright yellow and orange, the animal bends around the wishing of luck. The peony flowers placed next to the Dragon are the symbols of love and luck in finding the life partner, as Chinese believe. The obverse shows the image of Queen Elizabeth II and the legends along the rim of the coin indicating the name of the monarch, the name of the country and the monetary denomination. The coin is housed in the beautiful wooden case decorated in Chinese traditional manner.

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