Cook Islands 5 dollars Masterpieces Vatican Saint Peter silver gilded proof 2010

The unusual rectangular silver coin of the stunning series of Vatican Art is dedicated to the sculpture masterpiece found in Basilica of St.Peter in Rome. The image struck on the reverse of the coin is the view of the monument of Saint Peter which is considered to be the created by Arnolfo di Cambio. The monument was made of bronze especially for the Renaissance Church of St. Peter designed by Michelangelo and others. The saint is depicted holding the key of heaven as he always is on Christian icons. The reverse of the coin shows the famous statue in its sitting pose with the key and nimbus. The latter one and the clothes of the Saint Peter are covered with gold. The throne of the saint is decorated with red Swarovski crystals like the other pieces of the same series are. The obverse bears the image of the British Queen’s profile and the name of the monarch. The coin’s denomination and the issuing country are placed below the effigy.

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