Cook Islands 1 dollar Year of the Rabbit Lunar Brown Coloured Rectangular 2011

The rectangular silver 1-dollar coin of the Cook Islands minted by the Perth Mint in 2011 is dedicated to the popular theme of Chinese Zodiac. The unusual piece depicts the Year of the Rabbit, which the year 2011 was. The animal sign showed on the reverse side of the piece is colored in light brown. The Rabbit is depicted among the landscape in traditional Chinese manner. The Chinese hieroglyph mentioning the name of the sign is minted next to the animal. The obverse of the silver bar looks quite traditional for the coins of the Cook Islands. The Queen’s effigy is placed in the center with the circumference of the legends surrounding it. The face value and the issuing year along with the names of the country and monarch are explained there as usual. The silver bar is house in the nice box demonstrating the beauty of the piece.

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