Cook Islands 1 dollar Year of the Rabbit Lunar Black Coloured Rectangular 2011

The rectangular collectible coin of the Cook Islands minted in 2011 is dedicated to the Lunar Calendar sign of the year, the Rabbit. The system of animal signs similar to the astrological signs originates from South-eastern Asia, the most frequently is referred to China. The colored image of the black Rabbit is placed on the reverse side of the coin along with the Chinese hieroglyph mentioning the name of the sign in Chinese. The background of the Rabbit shows the traditional Orient landscape in the manner it is always shown at the traditional paintings. The opposite side of the 1-dollar coin has the common design including the profile portrait of the Queen in the center surrounded by the inscriptions reading the name of the monarch and the state of issue. The face value of the piece and the year of mintage are struck by the circle around the effigy as well.

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