Cook Islands 5 Dollars Russian Icon Saint Seraphim Sarovsky Silver Gilded 2013

The coin of the Cook Islands is struck in silver in a quite unusual rectangular shape. The piece minted in 2013 is a part of the precious Orthodox series, thus it is also has a look of a mini-icon with the colored picture of a saint and gilded ornamented border. The represented 5-dollar coin shows the image of Seraphim of Sarov. The saint is newly canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church, but greatly venerated though. The saint is considered as a wonderworker. The colored image of Seraphim of Sarov occupies the reverse side of the piece; the name of the saint in Russian is indicated below the picture on the intricate border. The opposite side of the piece is made in the traditional manner with the Queen’s profile in the center and the legends explaining the name of hers, the face value of the piece and the name of the minting territory.

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