Cook Islands 5 Dollars Russian Icon Uspenie Assumption of Mary Coloured 2011

The rectangular silver coin of the Cook Islands issued in 2011 is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, the important feast in Eastern Orthodoxy celebrated on August, 15. According to the church dogma, the Mother of God was taken to heavens completely with her body at the end of her earth life. The event is the plot of numerous Orthodox icons, one of which became the image of the 5-dollar precious collectible coin. The decorations of the piece remind of real icons due to the shape of the piece and its beautifully ornamented borders; besides, the reverse side where the image is struck has colored faces of the saints and gilded halos. The opposite side of the coin bears the profile of the Queen Elizabeth II and the inscriptions stating the issuing territory under the monarch’s reign and the name of the Queen. The denomination of the coin is indicated there as well.

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