Cook Islands $5 set 3 coins Karlsson Soyuzmultfilm Cartoon Silver Colorized 2011

The collectible coins of the Cook Islands dedicated to the characters of Soviet Russian cartoon about Karlsson-on-the-roof are united into the thematic set. The set contains three 5-dollar silver pieces; each one depicts the distinct cartoon character. The original story was written by the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren and then it became the base for the Soviet animated films, which are classic for several generations of Russian kids. The three main characters of the cartoon series are depicted in color on the reverse sides of the collectible coins. The figures are minted in front of the uncolored background reliefs and are followed by their names in Russian. The opposite sides of the pieces are similar with the traditional effigy of the Queen in the center surrounded by the legends stating the year of mintage and the country of issue.

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