Congo 10 francs Michael Schumacher San Marino silver 2 oz coin 2007

The collectible coin of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is dedicated to the popular motor racing competitions F-1 and their champion Michael Schumacher. The colored image of the racer in his triumph is shown on the reverse of the piece. The image is designed in a post stamp manner and commemorates the San Marino Grand Prix race, which Michael Schumacher is the most winner of. The name of the Italian place nearby the racing track is indicated on the coin along with the name of the German racer and his title “World Champion” in Italian. The years of his wins are listed beside the rectangular frame of the “stamp”. The obverse of the collectible coin bears the relief of a lion and the name of Congo in French placed along the upper rim of the coin. The denomination and the year of producing are minted below the image.

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