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Canada 25 cents 17 coin set 2010 Vancouver Olympic Canada MINT Coloured

The unique Canadian coin set is dedicated to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver held in 2010. The set consists of 17 uncirculated collectible pieces referring to the subject. There are twelve 25-cent coins bearing the images of winter sports represented on the Olympiad. The set also contains three 25-cent colored coins dedicated to the special moments, two pieces depict men’s and women’s ice hockey and the third celebrates the Cindy Klassen’s sport victory. The rest two collectible coins of the set are thematic Lucky Loonies. They are special non-precious pieces issued by the Royal Mint since 2004, when loonies were used to mark the ice for hockey. The Lucky Loonies minted for Vancouver Games were buried in the foundations of sport buildings erected for the Olympic Games. All coins in the set were minted in different years from 2007 to 2010; the pieces are housed in the colorful thematic booklet.

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