Australia 1 dollar Edward VII King of United Kingdom monarch silver coin 2010

The beautiful collectible Australian coin made of pure silver is dedicated to both the Centenary of the silver coinage of the country and the King of UK Edward VII. The monarch ruled the British Kingdom and all its dominions since 1901 to 1910, after his mother Queen Victoria. Edward VII is the great-grandfather of the current Queen Elizabeth II. The colorful portrait of the British monarch is placed on the reverse of the 1-dollar commemorative coin. The coin shows the King in his coronation look taken from the correspondent royal portrait. The background of the figure is composed of the relief images of the Australian coins depicting the royal effigies and the country’s Coat of Arms. The subject of the piece, the Centenary, is mentioned by the legend placed along the rim around the central image. The opposite side of the coin depicts the current Queen’s profile and the traditional legends.

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