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Australia, 1 dollar, Year of the Mouse 2008 1 oz .999 Gilded silver coin

The commemorative silver coin is dedicated to the Year of the Mouse (or Rat in another classification) on the Chinese calendar. Mouse begins the second Lunar series by the Australian Mint as well as it does the traditional Asian 12-year Lunar calendar cycle. The reason of why the Rat/Mouse achieved the first place among the 12 animal signs is its cunning nature. According to beliefs, the qualities of the reining animal, both good and bad, determine the whole year. The 1-dollar coin was minted from sterling silver (999) in 2008. It depicts a pair of Lunar year patron animal instead of one, like the coins of the first Lunar series do. Here are two mice surrounded by pumpkins and straw. The mice images are gilded and mirror finished. Next to the relief there are legends explaining the name of the year in English and in Chinese. The obverse bears the profile of Her Majesty the Queen, the name of the reigning monarch, the year of issue and the name of the country. Monetary denomination of the coin does along the rim as the technical parameters (weight, fineness, the name of the precious metal) do.

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