Australia 1 dollar Antarctic territory sea leopard silver colorized coin 2005

The beautiful coin of Australia minted in 2005 is a part of the Antarctic series. It is known that Australia claims a great part of the Antarctic continent its own territories, although only four other countries of the world do the same. Nevertheless, Australia keeps its opinion and issues the postage stamps and collectible coins of its Antarctic territories. The one-dollar silver coin depicts the colorized image of Antarctic landscape framed by the continent’s silhouette. There are two leopard seals depicted in front of it; those dangerous animals are common species for the nearby waters. The name of the animals is minted along the rim of the coin as well as the year of producing and the name of the territories of issue. The obverse of the coin shows the Queen’s likeness in the center with traditional legends around saying the name of the country, the name of the monarch and the denomination of the piece.

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