Armenia 1000 drams art of fighting Judo sport martial art silver coin 2011

The truly splendid precious collectible coin of Armenia was launched in 2011 to conquer the hearts of coin collectors. The piece is struck in .925 silver and decorated with the intricate Asian ornaments and images due to the subject of the coin. The Judo combat sport is the theme of the piece of minting art. The “gentle” martial art of Judo was developed in Japan as a system of pedagogy and contained many other fields except fighting. Nowadays it is popular style of Eastern martial arts and the Olympic sport as well. The obverse of the coin shows the relief images of the Judo fighters against the beautiful colored background depicting Japanese landscape with snowy mountains and blooming sakura trees. The obverse shows the traditional Japanese building surrounded by the Asian patterns along the rim of the piece. The inscriptions in English and Armenian state the face value of the coin and the name of the issuing country.

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