Andorra 10 diners El Taj Mahal Wonders UNESCO Silver coin 2009

The collectible coin of Andorra is dedicated to the pearl of Muslim architecture Taj Mahal. The world famous building of Mughal dynasty is situated in Indian city of Agra surrounded by the beautiful green gardens. Taj Mahal is a World’s cultural heritage place by UNESCO and one of the list of modern-time wonders of the world. Over 7 millions of tourists visit Taj Mahal annually to see the white marble mausoleum which was built by the Mughal emperor in a memory of his beloved wife. The coin’s reverse bears the recognizable view of Taj Mahal and the central alley. The latter is brightly colored while the rest of the reliefs are not. The building is framed by the traditional onion-shaped arc in Muslim art manner. The name of the mausoleum and the place where it located is explained below the image. The obverse shows the emblem of the World’s Wonders series and the little Andorran Coat of Arms. The name of the series in Catalan is mentioned here as well.

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