Andorra, 10 dinars, Holy Helpers, St. Barbara, silver Proof coin 2010

The proof silver collectible coin of tiny Andorra shows the Great Martyr Barbara’s image; the saint is venerated by the Christians of many denominations since the 9th century. St. Barbara is the holy patron of mathematicians, architects, prisoners and many other categories of people. Saint Barbara is venerated on December, 4 by Roman Catholics and on December, 17 by Orthodox Christians. The saint often is depicted with the three-windowed tower, chalice and crown of martyrdom. All that attributes are displayed at the reverse side of the special 10-dinars coin of Andorra. The piece was issued in 2010 as a part of Catholic series of Holy Helpers. Above the central iconic image of St. Barbara there is an inscription in Spanish explaining her name. The recognizable picture of the saint is surrounded by the ornamented panel placed along the edge of the coin. The obverse of the collectible is designed in traditional manner for Andorran special coins. There are Coat of Arms and the name of the little Principate stated along with the date of issue.

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